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Es de aclarar que la plataforma tiene impuestos de renovacin, mantenimiento y cobra por transacciones, lo que genera confianza. There is no information about whos behind this business or where they might be located. UN interesante bono DE 20 inmediato. Airbit club nos da un 35 de ganancia neta el cual paga de 8 a 11 dlares diarios a término de 300 das laborales. What: Airbit, club, where: m, how much:, whos behind: Unknown, company registration: Unknown. Asociarme, up, sobre AirBit Club, airBit Club se fund en octubre de 2015 con la misin de proporcionar «tecnologa de vanguardia utilizando herramientas innovadoras para garantizar que el potencial comercial se maximice y de esa manera aumentar las distribuciones de bitcoin a todos los afiliados». It always important to look up the owners and leaders in a business before you join or/and pay any money but there are no information or pictures on the website or the Social Media accounts about whos behind this business. Aprend que la nica manera de lograr algo en esta vida es trabajar en ello. I would love to hear your feedback!

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They place their own information in the public domain information and often forward emails and letters to the company or persons behind. Para recuperar tu inversin más rápido, como cualquier negocio se paga una comisin por llevar asociados, las bonificaciones van desde los 200 Usd. The only thing we can find is an email address: So we dont know were ABC is operated from but because they have an investment business we can at least do a search on the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). No, what is, airbit, club? Bitcoin as the main coin. I will respond to comments as fast as I can. As long as no evidence is provided that this is a real trade company with legit investments theres really nothing of real value for the member to promote except the membership itself. IF your good at recruiting others to this business AND the business is paying AND real, you can earn money, especially if you were in early. When we look at the website there is no trace of a company address and neither on the Social media accounts. ABC stats on their website that they have built their own Trading Bot Platform but we have no way to confirm. That could be an indication that the owner counts on the business to last for a long time but we need to learn more to draw any conclusion.

Airbit, club is a trading platform of crypto currencies, with an automated bitcoin distribution algorithm. How, airbit, club, works, you join the club with any of the memberships available, the will use those bitcoins to trade and mine crypto currencies. If you look up the domain you can see that it was registered through GoDaddy, LLC (a domain register company) and created. If you scroll down on the first page you can find this information about what payment options you can use: So the only payment option is clearly Bitcoin. This website has gone on a little rollercoaster but has a very high global rank for the moment. The website is registered for Domains by Proxy, Inc which is GoDaddys subsidiary of a company that offers services to hide the real information on who is behind the website.

Trading Bot Platforms (often called algorithmic trading software) are computer programs that use different indicators to find trends and automatically execute trades. Even more important to think about is that if you think (like me) that this isnt a very ethical online business you should not support. Why a legal trading company should seek or solicit for investment capital or funds of any kind online or via social media and only offer deposits via cryptocurrencies (. There is very little information about this business and no information on whos behind. It has no real persons associated with the business except the one who registered the website. If you manage to recruit you should also consider the bad-will for you if this business fails or turn out to be dishonest. Get a free one if you using an open source like Zenbot or Gekko. Verdict: Unknown Score: 5/10 Recommended for: Risk Takers! MUY sencillo, usted se une a AirBit Club adquiriendo una membresa disponible, esos Bitcoins serán utilizados para el comercio o trading de Cripto Monedas. But remember (as I wrote above) that half of your money invested goes to the member that recruited you! There is never any guarantees that you earn anything and in this case is also very risky if you consider the lack of real information about this business. Payments and deposits are automatic and encrypted. The ideal situation is a high or very high rank thats stable and thats showing that the site has been active for a long or very long time.

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If thats the only thing to promote it will only work as long as new members join and invest money in the business so the owner can pay out to all the existing members. Bitcoin in this case is very unlikely. Refund: No, free to try? Esto es si nos cruzamos airbit club y bitcoin de brazos sin hacer uso de los bonos binarios o comisiones por referidos. To end with this explanation i would like to share a couple of screenshots from my airbit backoffice in order to show you the diferent countries working with this club.

How can you make money? To have the chance to earn in this program you must be good at recruit and get others to pay a minimum of 100 Fees but even then you cant be sure in any way that you can cash out your money. After looking into this business I would define it as a possible scheme thats disguised in an MLM investment suite. As always as there are cryptocurrency involved (in this case BTC) it means that you have NO chance to get your money back if something goes wrong and you have paid with that currency. There is way too little information on this company to give it any other rating then unknown. No es una plataforma local sino mundial, además AirBit Club es sponsor oficial junto con Telmex y Telcel, del carro Nascar de Carlos Slim, del evento de Kiyosaki en México y del club Tijuana del mismo pais. What is, airbit, club? You are supposed to buy some of the investment package that is presented: As you can see the cheapest one cost 250 and the second one 500 and the most expensive one 1000. Rentabilidad justa LO cual LO hace sostenible. Up, formulario DE contÁCTO. No hay otro camino, si lo haces, ganarás Si no lo haces,. Note: I live in Colombia, please let me know if you have any doubt about this model, and if you like please upvote. Plans, the packages will pay members base on the amount of income generating from Trading and earnings of mining contracts, income will be paid every business day, payments will be with bitcoins and paid Directly to the.

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Da igual que seas empresario, msico, escritor o atleta. El 48 de airbit club y bitcoin los Bitcoins se utilizarán para el pago de las compensaciones de los afiliados y el 52 restante se usará para aumentar el poder de trading «negociacin» de AirBit Club. You will get access to your back office. You will lose a lot in goodwill and you can destroy your personal brand because there is a good chance that the money goes to owners and leaders that want to deceive the members. Bitcoin, the demand is always increasing.