forex flex ea strategies that trade most often

14) If I go with FXopen as recommended, which account should I open? Yet another new innovative feature we're bringing to the table. Setting that will wait for the current bar to close before entering a trade if one is ready to open. Once you do this it will look up your username on our site, and check if the accout number your trading on matches the account number you entered in your Flex profile page. If the DD_StopLossPct happens, then that chart will not be allowed to trade again for the number of hours entered below. A small value is good for finding a flatline in the market where a retrace might be happening soon. Profit.0/10, frequency.0/10, safety.0/10, consistency.0/10, features, most Major Currencies, multiple Timeframes 1-4 Licenses 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Forex Flex EA MT4 EA Reviews

Pip based takeprofit to be used for the Hedged trade. You're welcome to lower this on each chart to a more reasonable level just don't go too low. How close in pips to the TP the price needs to get for a TrailingTP and TrailingSL to be put on orders. Warning: If you use either this or EarlyRecoveryMode, there is a very good chance your baskets will still close in a loss because there is no longer enough lots to cover the losses. Will close all trades on Friday at the CloseHour set below regardless of the current profit/loss. If you want to do a quick test to make sure it's capable of opening up a trade try doing the following: Try adding it to a fresh chart (something with a low spread) and set risk.01 and VirtualTrades to zero. Yes pretty much any MT4 broker will work, but FXOpen and HotForex have been proven winners for our. Switching to equity will make Flex open smaller lot sized trades during large draw downs. Uses Default settings with low risk now, trading 4 pairs. Forex Flex EA Summary, overall, this is a very innovative and hugely impressive forex robot with a large base of satisfied clients and good testimonials around the web from successful users. If you have an open basket of trades on audusd for example, and there is major forex flex ea strategies that trade most often AUD news coming out within your MinsBeforeNews value, this will make Flex close that basket of trades whether they are in profit or loss.

This is a bit of a wildcard strategy that can do very well at times, but can get into trouble very quickly if things go bad. If you have open trades with eurusd, and eurgbp, any other EUR pairs that want to open trades will be blocked. This is the number of bars on the current timeframe that are looked at to determine the support and resistance levels. By default this is set to 5 which means when trendMode has 5 or more trades open with the trend, the trailing mode will kick in for all 5 of those trades to protect their profit and try to squeeze out more. This multiplier will be used to calculate the lot size of the hedged trade based on the total number of lots open from the basket. By default most strategies have this set to 3, so if a 4th chart is trying to open a trade it will be rejected, and it's virtual data will be reset. Installation, timeframe: H1 or H4 are good for any of the built in strategies. TrendPipStep : As described above, this is the PipStep used for when to add trades when the price moves in favor of the last trade opened.

Forex Flex EA - The Best MT4 Forex

This ensures that the Forex Flex EA is constantly adapting to the forex market and even uses an automatic update system to ensure you have the latest version of the Forex Flex EA running. It will open only a max of 3 trades deep, but it rarely ever needs a 2nd trade as the first is often closed in profit. Customer account running Default settings, customer account running custom settings from the members forum. We don't have a free demo trial sorry. Trailing modes ChartDisplay True.

A toggle which will require any indicator filters used for entries to be used for additional trades in a basket. The hedge trade will only kick in once you have reached your MaxBuys or Sells on a chart. Recommended Settings Most of the recommended settings come in the form.set files which you can download below. It will open up to 7 trades if the price reverses, 17 pips apart. If you set a HedgeTP of say 50 pips, and that is reached, the Hedge will close at forex flex ea strategies that trade most often 50 pips profit and hedging will be done, but your basket will still be left open still in a loss. This only needs to be done for real money accounts, and should only need to be done on one chart, the rest of the charts will activate themselves. Turn this off if you want to use the ManualLot setting below. Note that turning this on can drastically reduce trading frequency. This is only used if trendMode or trendHybrid is turned. Forex Flex EA Back Testing, the live results provide support to the excellent back tests shown on the Forex Flex EA website that have 99 modelling quality using tick data this means that the back testing results are as accurate as possible. This can make the virtual trading algorithm hang on to its signal for too long and then the entry may no longer be good when the indicators finally become true. Setting this to something like 8 with a VirtualTakeProfit of 34 will result in very rare, but very precise trades. Font : The font for Flex to use for the text it displays on charts.

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Back tests show gains of between 19,000-25,000 with only 12 draw downs. PauseBasketAtADR : will not allow additional trades in a forex flex ea strategies that trade most often basket to open if ADR goes over MaxADR. Usually quite accurate with it's entry points, but no stop loss is used so adjust your DD_StopLossPCT accordingly. Live Trading Results, all settings available in members forum. Setting this too high can seriously affect the accuracy of that signal(unless it was a weekend) TP SL controls DD_SL_Mode : This is a new setting that can be set to 'thisChart ' or ' allCharts '. Setting this to something like 75 or higher is reasonable if you want a little more action.

Whether or not to trade the Australian session. Much safer but not as profitable. What's the minimum amount to trade with? It's first trade is opened similar to the Default strats, but then any additional basket trades after that are only opened after those same strict conditions are met again, and again. How many pips away from the Support Resistance lines before we block Flex from trading. You can forex flex ea strategies that trade most often get a Tier 1 windows VPS which is 1gb ram and 1 cpu core which is usually enough to run 1 MT4 terminal. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. 10) What is the return I can expect per month? It's recommended to use at least H1 or H4 timeframe when using the SR indicator. It will trade a retrace up to 6 trades deep.

forex flex ea strategies that trade most often

Forex Flex EA Settings Guide

Simply put, Flex will open virtual trades in the background, using them to constantly monitor the market to help determine the absolute perfect entry point, at which point. Yes, extra licenses are 150 each after coupon code. This can be traded on most pairs, even some high ADR ones. The period for the RSI filter to use. Same thing as the RestartSlippage but this is the amount of hours your MT4 was down. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ascii characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard must contain at least 4 different symbols; at least 1 number, 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter not based on your username or email address. By default this will base the risk off your account balance. There are a few filters in place to limit our exposure, so it is generally safe to trade 10 pairs. I highly forex flex ea strategies that trade most often recommend you head on over to the Forex Flex EA website for more live results and further information.

You should always start out with the starting Risk.3 or lower and then increase slowly from there if you want a bit more profits. Choose whether or not to reset virtual data for this pair after any high impact news. Used to trade on ECN accounts where orders are not allowed to be placed with a TP or SL and require modification after being opened. Once a trade has opened on a new pair, it is considered the start of a new basket. How many pips away from the opening price of the previous trade the market has to move before an additional trade is opened. If you want these indicators to trigger trades, turn on the ones you want, and set VirtualTrades to 1 and VirtualPipStep. Are all dynamically calculated based on the current ADR of that pair. If the total lots of a 5 trade basket.50, then the hedge trade would trigger after the 5th trade is open and use a lot size.50 if this HedgeMultiplier.0. Please follow the instructions below to move your files to the correct directory on build 600 of MT4. Turning this on will force the basket to close if the Hedge reaches its TP or SL, and vice versa the Hedge will close if the basket is closed for any reason. Pipstep for the Hedge trade to choose forex flex ea strategies that trade most often when to place it instead of immediately after the last trade in a basket. Backtesting Please note that because of the way the virtual trading technology works within Flex EA, backtesting will not provide accurate results. In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Flex.

Will the EA be smart enough not to get into too many trades at the same time? This should be left low unless you're running extremely low risk on a big account size. Whether or not to trade the Asian session. 8) If I purchase 1 license first, can I later purchase more license with better discount? The forex flex ea strategies that trade most often out of the box settings on 10 pairs can net you 10-25 per month depending on market volatility. How often does it trade? This will multiply the lot size of each additional trade in a basket on top of the LotMultiplier. Now go load your MT4 terminal, and drag the Forex-Flex-EA from the navigator window to a chart.

FlexEA - Default TDI TDI Slope Dynamic System

You can get a 1 slice windows VPS which is 1gb ram and 1 cpu core which is usually enough to run 1 MT4 terminal. Flex EA trades the most during volatile conditions or at the end of big swings/trends. So far, this has been confirmed by the forward tests. 10 on a nano account, 100 on a micro/cent account or 1000 on a standard account should be the minimum starting balance. 12) Do I need to stop trades for Major News such as fomc, US job data or NFP to avoid volatility? (Note: This setup will only trade a few times per month) Download.set (right click save link as if its not downloading) Timeframe: H4 Recommended Version:.66 Pairs: eurusd, usdjpy, usdchf, usdcad, audusd, eurchf, eurgbp, eurjpy, gbpusd, nzdusd Similar. EquityTrailTP : This is the percentage of your account balance in profit you want the EquityTrail to kick. This will sell when TDI1 crosses below TDI2 and both are already below TDI3. 3) Is there anything I need to do once the EA is running?

7) Can I try on forex flex ea strategies that trade most often demo first before purchasing the EA? There is no stop loss used on this strategy so the hard stop of your DD_StopLossPct is used if required. This will continue to happen until the profit drops back down far enough to hit the EquitySL. When turned on, this will be used to protect any gains on open trades, and starting trailing both SL and TP as much as possible until the price finally reverses to hit the SL (which will still be a profit). Pip based stoploss to be used for the Hedged trade. Change this to Account_Equity to base risk of your account equity. This is a good filter to find sharp fast spikes in the market with a value of 40 on H1 timeframe. Progressive Flexhybrid set file, customer account running Progressive FlexHybrid.set file available in member forums. Will allow a buy when RSI is below this value. When starting out on a fresh account, it can take up to a few days to see some trades, so just be patient. If 10 charts, expect 8-16. If in doubt about GMT times, set it a few hours early.

forex flex ea strategies that trade most often

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TradersWay works very well for.S. This setting will prevent new charts from opening trades if your current total draw down is equal to this percentage or more. If running 5 charts on default strategy, expect 4-8 trades per week. WhenToStart_fbet : This is the negative drawdown you want the fbet to kick. All information on this web site or any software and or guide purchased from this web site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advise. FAQ 1) My Flex EA hasn't opened any trades in a week, what gives? PipStepMultiplier : This will multiply the PipStep for each consecutive trade opened in a basket.

Whether or not forex flex ea strategies that trade most often it calculates trades from each chart separately or all together depends on if you have the DD_SL_Mode set to thisChart or allCharts. This is a good way of controlling exposure. Results, user account running Correlated Hedge, another Correlated Hedge account 99 Backtests. 3 means it will only look at major (important news). On average there is an update once a month, sometimes a bit more often, sometimes a little less. Whatever PipStep you have will also need to be met. Make sure Allow automated trading and dll imports is checked under Tools - Options - Expert Advisors. Account was tripled in 6 months and then profits withdrawn.