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Web Presence Manager - IT managers with a track-record of building viable web companies are worth a fortune to venture capital investors. . Now let's look at the information that becomes available as a result of using our logoff trigger. Here my trigger body (with all your information) plus our fix running in our pressure situations with all cases including dbms_JOB or dbms_schedule processes. Once you get a large amount of user activity in your system, you can also summarize this information by the day of the week or the hour of the day. In order to properly design these triggers, let's begin by looking at the information that's available inside the system-level triggers. Personal Secretary - A personal secretary is a great perk. It's now obvious why the precomputing of elapsed minutes is such a valuable feature: It produces a more useful forex bonus bez depozytu 2019 report.

Oracle audit logon trigger - auditing user activity

User logon detail reports We can also use the same table to show the number of users who are on our system at any given hour of the day. Federal laws have mandated increased security for auditing Oracle user oracle apps dba work from home jobs activity. Session ID : the Oracle control session ID for the user. Be sure to understand exactly what the data export is being used for, though. The country club is relaxing for executives. A convention is an exotic locale is a great perk. For example, contrary to popular belief, cash bonuses and stock options do not make employees happier, and perks have been proven not to improve morale. .

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Then you have to grant all.tablename to testuser;. For a good example of how to write a PL/SQL routine that exports a table to a CSV file, see. This provides a tremendous amount of information regarding the user signature for oracle apps dba work from home jobs the system. The key to the executive potty. Comp Time/Flex Time - Many staff professionals are allowed to take a few weeks off after a brutal rollout. If we did, however, we'd have the difficulty of joining these two tables together and correlating which logon corresponds to which logoff and. Business Cards - It's a real treat to have embossed calling cards. Applications that do not utilize time-stamped Oracle user IDs (SAP, PeopleSoft) may not benefit greatly by using these logon/logoff triggers. At my company, I give-out 50-off coupons for Denny's. What is the oracle_home supposed to be set to?

User table normalization, since the user logon/logoff triggers are separate entities, we have several choices in the design of a table to support this information. Executive Lounges - Membership in the airline clubs like "Admirals Club "Star alliance "US Airways Club etc. Drinks Snacks - Many companies provide refrigerators full of coffee soda and snacks. . Create or replace trigger logon_audit_trigger after logon ON database begin insert into statsuser_log values( user, sys_context userenv host null, null, null, sysdate, to_char(sysdate, 'hh24:mi:ss null, null, null END; / As you can see, I populated this table with. Tracking Related DDL, system errors, and user activity can easily be captured using the system-level triggers.

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Notice how we partitioned logon date into two separate fields. That means you need to grant the privileges locally (to the database on which they are) to the user as whom a user connect via the database link. D/oracle-xe configure again and I get "Oracle Database 10g Express Edition is already configured" despite the second time removing any folders I could find for Oracle. This information is especially useful when there are different user IDs going to different functional areas of the system. At the end of the year the company was 100 on budget! There are only a handful of companies in the world with this volume, and desperate banks will pay huge sums for a DBA with a proven track record. SQL*plus works really well on its own to create good fixed-width reports, but it is possible to do oracle apps dba work from home jobs html and CSV as well. Note: Make sure to review our. Here is a script to track the activity of a specific user: create OR replace trigger "logon_audit_trigger" after logon ON database declare sess number(10 prog varchar2(70 begin IF is null and user 'myusername' then sess : select program. If you like Oracle tuning, you may enjoy the new book " Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference over 900 pages of BC's favorite tuning tips scripts.

For example, we might see high user activity every Wednesday afternoon at 1:00.M. I have the same problem as listed here: How to recover or change Oracle sysdba password although I did not lose the password, I entered it twice in the configure script originally, and then when I went to login (localhost:8080/apex, password not accepted. First Class air travel - Many companies have policies that long flights requires a first class ticket. While primitive, this can give us an indication of the total amount of time each user spent on our system. Connect sys/manager; create table statsuser_log ( user_id varchar2(30 session_id number(8 host varchar2(30 last_program varchar2(48 last_action varchar2(32 last_module varchar2(32 logon_day date, logon_time varchar2(10 logoff_day date, logoff_time varchar2(10 elapsed_minutes number(8) ) ; Above shows the table definition that we used. If it is for interop between systems, then export in a format your receiving system can understand. Just e-mail me with your suggestions! Our first report is a summary of total session time, shown in Listing. Here are common perks that I've seen, listed by job role: Staff Professional Perks. However, you must be careful to apply perks appropriately, and for the right reasons.

Total Day User Minutes applsyspub 0 apps 466 opsoracle 7 perfstat applsyspub 5 apps 1,913 cusjan 1 janedi 5 opsoracle 6 perfstat 134 SYS applsyspub 1 apps 5,866 opsoracle 15 perfstat 44 SYS apps 0 opsoracle 0 perfstat . Day HO number_OF_logins At this point, the information can be taken into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and expanded into a line chart, as shown below. At user logoff time, the Oracle system-level trigger provides information about the current session and the activity of the user: Last program : the name of the last program the user was executing at the time of system logoff. To get around this limitation, I used the Oracle session. Also note that these user logon/logoff triggers are best used for applications that utilize time-stamped users, which means those users who are given a unique Oracle user ID when they access the application. I'm sure that there are many more executive perks that I've missed and if you have suggestions I'd like to hear from you. . Starting with Oracle8i, Oracle introduced special triggers that are not associated with specific DML events (e.g., insert, update, and delete). Host : uses Oracle: s SYS context function to capture the name of the host from which the Oracle session originated. If you use a procedure, you can schedule it from Oracle's own job scheduler.

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Let's examine a few sample reports that can be produced by the oracle apps dba work from home jobs system. Get your employees something from the land of fruits nuts. Alternatively, use the tools already at your disposal: SQL*plus, PL/SQL, and cron (or the Windows Scheduler if you run Windows). This article describes my work in creating end-user login/logoff procedures to facilitate tracking end-user activity. We update the last module that was accessed by the user session. How did user 24 log off before logging on?

Personalized Parking Slot - A custom sign on a perking slot is a real perk, even better if it's inside the executive garage. Staff programmers, Systems Analysts and team leaders see small perks, less than 1k per year: Free Coupons - Some companies give-away free movie tickets, 50 dinner coupons and rewards for jobs well done. . Executive Perks by Job Title, the progressive and successful technology companies of the 21st century understand that perks can aid in retention of mission-critical talent. . You can buy it direct from the publisher oracle apps dba work from home jobs for 30-off and get instant access to the code depot of Oracle tuning scripts. Now that the logon trigger is in place, we have the challenge of creating a logoff trigger to capture all of the information required to complete the elapsed time for the user session. For the Oracle administrator who is committed to tracking user activity over long-term periods, the user audit table can offer a wealth of interesting user information, including user usage signatures, aggregated both by the hour of the day and the day of the week. XML will probably require a procedure of some sort, but I'm not an export here, so SQL*plus may not be perfect here (it will output to html, though, so that might be good enough). (Better yet, just use rman. I've seen 500,000 incentive bonuses for a five year commitment from a leader with a proven track-record of success.

Now that we understand the basics, let's take a look at how we can design the user audit table to track user activity. By human nature, the lucky executive buy nice executive toys (Rolex watches, new BMW's, Gucci suits) and are forced by circumstances to honor their time obligation. As I noted earlier, precomputing the elapsed time for each user session makes each record in the statsuser_log audit table very useful because it shows the entire duration of the session. And so on and. Director/Manager Perks, mid-level IT managers can negotiate for more expensive perks, in the realm of 50k-80k per year: Company Car - It's not uncommon for companies to lease vehicles for mid-level IT managers.

oracle apps dba work from home jobs

Oracle - How to correctly set the oracle_home variable

Auditing user activity oracle apps dba work from home jobs is a resource-consuming task and auditing can place a great amount of stress on your Oracle server. . Microsoft rolls-out free pizza every night at 6:00. Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the, gramm-Leach-Bliley Act have all produced serious constraints on Oracle professionals who are now required to produce detailed audit information for Oracle system users. Your name on a parking space. For example, the anti-social dweeb who designed your manufacturing system may be the most indispensable person in your large corporation. . Let me know if you need any clarification.

Last action : the last action performed by the user during the session. This eliminates the need for table joins and data correlation. The only reference I have seen either just say general or say the above oracle apps dba work from home jobs up to the version number then db_1". Oracle RAC DBA - A DBA with experience in Real Application Clusters in a multi-billion dollar banking database is very valuable. . We begin by updating the user log table to include the last action performed by the user. Shared secretary - Your get a part-time secretary to assist with the mundane parts of the job. We could design two separate tables: a user logon table and a user logoff table. Now we'll gather the information available just prior to user logoff. Again, we invoke the SYS context function to select the program column from the vsession table. Create or replace trigger logoff_audit_trigger before logoff ON database begin Update the last action accessed update statsuser_log set last_action (select action from vsession where audsid) where session_id; Update the last program accessed update statsuser_log set last_program (select program from vsession.

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There is a free version available, but I am uncertain if it has the scheduling functionality. I saw one guy get 100k signing bonus, and immediately spend it (as planned) but it back-fired. . Regardless, with a little bit of work and the combination of two or three tools, you should be able to export your data in any format you wish on any schedule you desire. Vice Presidents and CIO Perks At the VP level, the perks get even better, often amounting to over 100k per year: Unlimited Vacation - VP's can take all the vacation they want, but this is a "paper. You can use a number of tools to accomplish this, toad being the one that springs to mind. Golden Handcuff jobs are rare because there are very few candidates and lots of buyers. . This information can be represented as shown below. Logon date : an Oracle date data type corresponding to the user login time, accurate to 1/1000 of a second. User-activity reports Using the user audit table to generate reports can provide a wealth of information that may prove to be critical to you as an Oracle administrator. These are just my personal observations, and your mileage may vary. . Let's take a look at executive perks in the IT industry.

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oracle apps dba work from home jobs

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oracle apps dba work from home jobs