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G20 to Debate Regulating Bitcoin, on December 17th, 2017, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told the French TV channel. But it also meets more legitimate needs for cash transfers in a fast and cost-free way in the world. In this regard, Europes Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova said: Todays agreement will bring more transparency to improve the prevention of money laundering and to cut off terrorist financing. Auch anonyme Transaktionen von virtuellen Währungen auf Online-Handelsplattformen sollen innerhalb der Europäischen Union untersagt werden. European Countries Continue Push to Regulate Bitcoin. The French government will request a debate about regulating Bitcoin at the next G20 summit. Specifically, some of the restrictive measures require platforms that transfer Bitcoin and wallet providers that hold cryptocurrencies for clients to identify their users. Dazu passen allerdings die Signale, die Ende letzter Woche aus Brüssel ausgesendet wurden. Financial regulators in France also launched an initial coin offering (ICO) initiative earlier this year, dubbed.

France Wants the G20 to Debate Bitcoin in 2018

Jobbörse findet Ihr aktuelle Stellenanzeigen von Blockchain- Fintech-Unternehmen. Frances finance minister is planning to push for a discussion on bitcoin regulation at a G-20 summit in 2018. The financial industry is paying close attention. Vergangenen Freitag haben sich Vertreter der EU-Staaten und Europa-Abgeordnete nach langwierigen Verhandlungen geeinigt. On December 15th, 2017, France and other members of the European Union agreed to impose regulatory controls on cryptocurrency exchanges in an effort to prevent money laundering, tax evasion, and financing of terrorism. As Reuters reported, Le Maire said: There is evidently a risk of speculation. However, Bitcoin is, and will remain, censorship-resistant. Cryptocurrencies can be very easily the receptacle of all that one wants to avoid: tax evasion, money laundering or the financing of terrorism. Bruno Le Maire, argentinien vorschlagen will, dass eine strengere Bitcoin-Regulierung auf dem Gipfel im April nächsten Jahres zum Thema gemacht werden soll.

France Wants G20 Nations to Discuss Bitcoin

The G20 comprises the biggest economies in the world. For a while, due to Bitcoins explosive growth, French authorities have been mulling over how to regulate the cryptocurrency. BTC-echo, blockchain- Fintech-Jobs : Auf der Suche nach einer neuen Herausforderung? Let us know in the comments below. Die G20-Gipfel werden genutzt, um sich über Probleme des internationalen Wirtschafts- und Finanzsystems und zur Koordination weiterer Themen auszutauschen. The upcoming G20 summit is scheduled to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2018. Images courtesy of Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons.

Crypto to Take Center Stage at G20

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Bitcoin Question Should Be At G20, Says France

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EU Countries call for Bitcoin debate at G20

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G20 and Bitcoin

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